The healing work I’ve done for the last ten years is based on Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™). I found it to be the only modality I’ve ever used that delivers consistent, predictable and effective results.

From the moment I started practicing with ABC™, I started seeing my clients’ bodies changing mechanically and symptoms were disappearing permanently. It is based on a system that works on every body, no matter what physical symptoms a person has. It’s a way to discover which bones in the body need addressing and it works to heal the meninges adhesions that throw the nervous system out of alignment, thus impacting every message from the brain which is where the experience of pain comes from.

When I first began working virtually, I would take myself through the same ABC™ system as I would if it were a hands on session. I would go through the bones in the body, imagining each one, and visualize the technique that I would do physically to correct that bone. I would then tap into that physical space and let the healing happen. What I’ve realized over time is, I don’t have to use that protocol anymore. I am instead acting as a conduit who sets the intention for healing. I provide the space for healing to occur and for every person I do treat in this intuitive way, their body has changed immediately.

Intuitive healing is different from all other modalities. Why? Most other practitioners chase symptoms rather than the cause of pain and they very rarely listen to the body to tell them what the problem is. The body knows how to heal itself but sometimes it gets stuck. My healing work provides a gentle intervention that corrects the bones the body can’t heal itself. Between sessions, the body starts to untwist and unwind until it hits that next set of things it can’t correct. Then we repeat the process.

Having started my own Shamanic work four years ago, I discovered I could move bones from a distance – I didn’t have to touch anyone physically, meaning it would be easier on my body and my client’s because there’s no fear, no resistance to the physical treatment.

I can now work remotely which allows me to go into a deeper meditative state where I can hold space and create a container for the healing to come through me. I can work with my clients from a purer and stronger place by doing this type of work rooted in energy systems, going into past life, healing childhood and ancestral trauma, balancing chakras, clearing organs, tissues and physiological systems.

I believe emotional pain and trauma has a connection to past life trauma, genetic predisposition, ancestral and childhood trauma, all of which plays into the pain being experienced right now. Being able to get in there and start clearing all of that up from the structural perspective helps the emotional body to heal too.

Is there such a thing as physical pain without emotional trauma? It’s highly unlikely. The body holds onto trauma – both physical and emotional. It’s this trauma that creates physical distortions. All of this trauma is accumulative and needs fixing.

Posture affects every physiological function from spinal pain, inflammation, lung capacity and even hormones – everything is affected by posture, so when it’s out of alignment the nervous system doesn’t function properly. Messages from the brain are then distorted which manifests in pain and tension. From our first appointment together, you will experience your body being more aligned and upright naturally, without effort. I have found a modality that will correct properly without being invasive.

I create the container for healing. I set the intention and then hold the space for a period of time, allowing the work to be done through me. I’m not actively involved in the healing anymore, I’m a conduit – I just allow it to happen.

Typically, I will have you stand up at the beginning of the session so I can assess your posture, breathing and lung capacity and then at the end of the session I reassess in this same way so you can see for yourself the physical reality of your body changing.

I’ve helped heal people with scoliosis, arthritis, migraines, bunions, inflammation, herniated discs and that’s just scratching the surface. Your body can heal, and it will heal. It takes time, but if you stick with the program, I guarantee you will heal and return to a full, healthy and happy life.