Sacred Body Temple
Collective Healing

Heal together.

Create your personal collective healing with family members, friends and fur babies.

Collective energy will heal you quicker than your own individual efforts

Collective healings are affordable - the more people you bring in the lower the cost is per person.

Enjoy from the comfort of your own home(s) and can be done with people in different time zones.

Includes the Initial Appointment (60 minutes) plus 20 follow up appointments of 25 minutes each. The appointments for the up to 10 group will be 35 minutes.

Two easy payments. Upon request, I may be able to extend over 3-4 if you qualify.


2 People - $2,888

$72 per person per session

3 People - $3,422

$57 per person per session

4 People - $4,111

$51 per person per session

Up to 10 People - $5,555

$27 per person per session

What Parent Doesn’t Want to Heal the Whole Family?

“I am so grateful for Kim! What started as a full body healing of old injuries, plus a releasing of old energy and beliefs stored in my body, turned into a full family healing. Kim’s energy is so intuitive and powerful. I discovered the most unexpected benefit of working with Kim. What I thought when I hired Kim for my family and fur babies, became not only a restructuring of our physical body, but also a transformation of our family’s old energy and stories. With Kim’s help, I was able to hold my family in a beautiful light, washing away old history and opening to our highest good. For anyone that has a desire to help their children and their pets heal and find connection within themselves and the family as a whole, Kim is your person.”

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