My journey started over thirty years ago when I was a college graduate wanting freedom and money… I knew I didn’t want to work a desk job, so instead I became a personal trainer where I could choose my hours, my clients and my rates.

After not too long, with my motivation leaning towards wanting to help people in a more meaningful way, I began volunteering there as an assistant at a physical therapy center. The more I learned about the human anatomy and the more I came into contact with people experiencing extreme physical pain, the more purpose I felt making a difference to those lives. After returning to school and qualifying as a physical therapist, it wasn’t too long into my professional practice that I became disenchanted with this traditional modality of ‘healing’ – none of it was really jiving with me.

By luck, I came across a local practitioner who offered a program centered around corrective, holistic, exercise, kinesiology. It was entirely different to what I was used to in my traditional training and used ground-breaking techniques that weren’t widely known at the time. This new program offered such a unique way of working with people I was enamored by the process and decided to learn the methods for myself. It allowed me a more holistic scope that went beyond traditional physical therapy and personal training. I started looking at each person as a whole human being rather than just the list of ailments they presented with in the moment. Every ‘prescription’ I offered had an underlying purpose.

Even with this unique method I favored back then, I was always someone who sought out more and more tools to add to my practitioner’s toolkit. I realize now it was because I wasn’t seeing consistent, predictable results. I wasn’t seeing the healing I would have liked.

After practicing as a physical therapist for nearly twenty years, I started questioning the traditional lessons I’d learned which seemed to be all about focusing on the symptoms rather than the cause. It was around this time that I started researching the metaphysical element of pain, something I’d not seen before. As my curiosity grew, I started migrating towards more holistic rather than traditional practitioners in my research.

In 2012 I came across Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™) – this was the game changer I had been looking for. After that, I stopped practicing traditional physical therapy altogether. I had finally found a way to deliver consistent, predictable and life-changing results.

Having been a physical therapist for around 20 years at this point, I know it pays testament to my dedication to finding the best way to help people heal. I wasn’t stuck in my own modality. I knew there must be a better, more holistic, more permanent way to help people become unstuck and to break free from the pain cycle for good. I finally found it through years of searching, I could finally realize my purpose.

In tandem with this period of professional growth, personally speaking I was worn out and soon hit a wall. It was no coincidence that as I explored this metaphysical mind/body connection, I started looking at things in my own life and from my own past. I came into contact with a Shamanic channel quite serendipitously one day and working with her every week for the last few years has enabled me to clear out a lot of my own emotional healing.

My spiritual journey has been necessary for me to work in the way I do now and my professional evolution has mirrored that spiritual evolution. I’ve gone from physical work to metaphysical work which is an important aspect of how I help my clients.

Another intrinsic value I have that underlies everything I do with my clients is to practice what I preach – to walk the walk. I’ve always kept myself fit and healthy and I’ve always had a holistic approach both to my life and to the work I do with my clients. I eat organic, non-processed foods, I get plenty of quality sleep, I drink a ton of water and I stay active. Given my history as a personal trainer, this means I can also help my clients make better lifestyle choices that will support their healing journey, whatever their health goals.

Fast forward almost a decade and purpose still sits at the foundation of everything I do. I started my career many moons ago wanting to help my clients break their pain cycle and, although the modality has changed since those early days, the passion and heart remains the same.